Water Bill

The water bill was

way too high, last time.

It must be the time I spend
not thinking, for once
freeing, letting thoughts slide
down my skin
down the drain
with a hot shower, I can’t
turn the dial on,
because outside the glass doors
is drying in the cold, and
a foggy mirror, and
long wet hair to comb, and

a water bill.

Maybe I can stay in another minute.
Anahit Petrosyan
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  1. Rohan

    The therapeutic and almost drug inducing feeling that comes from the hot shower numbs us to anything in the world besides just that moment.

    Why worry about the tomorrow when we can enjoy the today? Ironic because that which gives pleasure in this minute is also providing pain for the future. It is still worth it.

    Loved the poem, I can certainly empathize.

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