I Saw

I saw something like 2012.
I saw the oceans climb into the clouds
colossal         so colossal.
I saw land loosen and align
into chasms, creeks, and craters,
by their design.
I saw polar bears and their poor offspring
and sink from the dying ice
under paws.
I saw fish floating atop a black sea
of withering waves no longer wandering.
I saw a moonless midnight,
the end of empires,
where statues crumbled like cocaine,
saints and sinners the same before the cross.
I saw                 cities set on fire,
by government’s desire;
and gas gripping skyscrapers,
headlines in world newspapers.
I saw men maketh love in the madness.
I saw forests, flames of wildfire,
where wolves were without howl.
I saw a cosmic quilt cover us,
insanity seduced by the scythe;
the Reaper and the Rapture arriving, –

who is victorious,
Time or we inglorious?


H. K. G. Lowery
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  • I Saw - 6th September 2020

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