Packing, a life, in one room

Spilling out of IKEA shelving,
Onto an already dusty floor,
Coats that once bore mascara splashed tears,
And jackets that carried gin and more,

Books that remain unread,
And those that are read too much,
Gym clothes steeped in aspiration,
And a pair of trousers i’ve not yet touched,

Bottles of champagne that celebrate past victories
And some mini gins and tequila…great freebies
Posters framed to portray i’m cultured
Moving photo frames that move me

Pens that were held in different timezones
And pages of notebooks ingrained in sand
Shoes that bring pain just by looking at them
And gloves that no longer fit my hands

Notes and cards from some I’ve loved and lost
And my laptop that adorns the same shows
My clarinet that’s probably got moths in the keys
And the £10 tent I foolishly chose

Dog eared tickets from theatre trips that have ended
And fabric badges from all my exploring
Pyjamas that have definitely seen too many hungover days
And my many scarfs I will never stop adoring

When you go through life acquiring bits
You end up in a bubble like a memory dome
But it’s time to brush them off and start a new chapter
And remember when this once was my home

Clare Dyckhoff
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