Cackle-filled cocoon

While waiting for the day where we exchange tales with clinking glass
Dropping cutlery on the floor
When you say you’re going to soon be one more
Stroking backs as you feel you’ve taken four steps
Back to where we first met
From linking arms in cackled cocoons
Our space, inside the chaos of town
We live on – both sides – through voice
Through choice of communicating through 3 hours of ear-warmed soul searching
Much deeper than over-dinner-chats
Where transparent, lost, and distracted by lights and staring at my skin glow
We neve really dig deeper than what we’ve lost
Knowing you’re fine and well and happy
Becomes my biggest priority –

Where I can’t stand a second to know you’re struggling but saying sorry

Not being too busy dancing to the tune of monotony

Spending seconds on you when it should have been my all
The day we get to sit across one another – you drunk, ordering more wine
I fall off my chair
Is a day that’ll come too late
I picture where you’re walking right now
While I type another email

Wishing we could exchange it all for backpacks and no direction

I needed things to be taken away for me to realise just how much I have

In the form of each of you
Friends I fully adore
I’d give anything to be stood outside your door
With anecdotes of phone box tales and better mental wealth
While I balance my glass on my head to see if you notice

Before we erupt into Peep Show quotes in bed

With each of you waiting

In my voice notes instead of on my road
Never not know I am always thinking of you
Longing for the day we can live on again
In our cackled filled cocoon
Clare Dyckhoff
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