Quilt (Lamium Purpureum)

Under the magnolia tree,(a gazebo of thick pink petals)

we find a plummy crimson quilt of tiny blooms.

At first, the children and I are puzzled.

Magnolia babies, says one. Clover, guesses another.


We lie down on our bellies to get a closer look.

In dappled light we note the whorls of reddish-purplish flowers,

hooded like Capuchins with blushing faces,

leaves bent into hearts, toothy stitches, straight stem seams.


A knowing friend identifies them. Red dead-nettle, she says. No sting.

The children decide it’s a blanket for bumble bees, a sleeping bag for caterpillars.

They give it a new, less macabre, name.

Pretty Not Nettle, they call it. And it is.

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