The Promise of Snow

The air was white 
with the promise of snow, 
crisp, cold, and brittle.

Snow tires, 
anti-lock brakes, skid control,
daughter beside me, son asleep in back.

The air was white, 
snow flurrying, dancing, flying.
The wipers labored in their steady beat

to drown the thrum
and boom of traffic, 
the rumble of sanders, 

the roar of trucks flying past. 
Steamy breath, icy windows, 
fragile cocoon of fog and steel and glass.

The tires sluiced 
through tracks of thundering plow.
Daughter next to me, eyes on book, heedless, 

as great muddy clods, black 
and blinding, smacked the windshield, 
as if my face. Son asleep in back, his seatbelt 

oddly twisted 
around his prone body, 
fragile cocoon of kidneys, lungs, and heart.

Elizabeth Edelglass
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