The Cat of Frigiliana

I met a cat in beam of sun
Perched atop a wall by stop
For buses coming to the town
Of hill topped Frigiliana

One small cut upon her ear
Shows battle has been fought
To claim the title of town greeter
And lie in sun-soaked spot

There she purrs in warmth and light
On her collum temple gray
And at quarter past every hour
New worshippers come to pray

Her church is one of old songs
Simple yet innate
Virtue lies in naps and snacks
In restfulness and weight

Yes, the book of cat is an easy read
There are few rules or sins
Only that you slow right down
Let sunshine touch your skin

Not on way from here to there
But become a holy space
Enjoy the moment, as it’s yours
And tread a cat-like pace

Forget ideals of lists complete
Of accomplishments and boasts
Think only of sun-warmed bones
Toasted skeleton and ghost

Truly what more is there
Than the warmth of a new day
This knowledge is so natural
To princess, pauper, stray

Jenny Lester
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