Green Blade

Make a step, but please be careful
where you place your foot,
for this newly bathed, just awaken,
moist and fertile Earth
bears tender creatures.
Now step and please move not.
Look down, it’s to your right,
and right up it holds
to the last of winter’s pretence,
strong within its weakness,
a green blade.
Please, spare its modesty.
Don’t gaze so amazed.
It’s newly broken through the soil’s crust,
its edges still covered with earthly dust,
a green blade.
A green blade.
If you put your finger where you mustn’t,
on the still dusty edge,
without remorse, with no regret,
within its tenderness secure,
through your skin it’ll swiftly cut,
strength within its weakness hidden,
a tender sword.
Careful! Don’t forget:
Though green, it is a blade.
Adriana Kantcheva
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