Cold Feet

Her dress was a light thing; dancing with the breeze, to the rhythm of the waves as they crashed into the sea.

“At the beach,” I’d whispered excitedly to her.

“Daddy is a priest. He’ll bless the ceremony,” she’d replied in agreement.

I was still on one knee, heart blooming at her exuberance, as she ran through the details barely 5 minutes after I’d asked.

“That’d be perfect,” I remembered saying, reflecting her smile.

Damp sand crumpling under my feet wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.

“We can’t wear shoes!” she’d yelled the day before.

“Why did I agree to this idea in the first place?” I asked myself, lifting the hem of my dress from the ground as the sea creeped closer to my feet.

“Your unrealized nonage dreams,” my conscience mocked.

I sighed heavily. This wasn’t what I’d imagined at all.

In the depths of my memory, a golden sun, swam in a sea-blue sky. Keel-billed toucans and scarlet macaws sang merrily as they glided across it. The water below shimmered under the glow of the sun, producing pink dolphins, that twirled to the music of the birds.

A salt-watery slap from the ocean woke me from my trance. Kelly giggled. I puffed.

“Let’s hurry,” I announced through gritted teeth. Between the dark-grey sky, the hum of prayers, and the incessant crying of brown pelicans, it was obvious that my childhood fantasies were never going to be.

“This was never about you, anyways,” my inner voice chided.

Behind me, a tiny red box sat in the sand. Kelly picked it up gently.

“Are you ready?” I asked. I was tired already, and Dad’s words were beginning to slur.

“Yup!” she yelled, and she tossed the box into the ocean like it was a baseball. “Goodbye!”

“Why did you do that?!” I questioned, throwing my hands up incredulously.

“Do what?” she inquired innocently, shocked at my outburst.

“You shouldn’t have thrown it like that,Kelly.”

“Well, when you lose your own tooth you can bury it however you like,” she stated confidently and walked away; a satisfied child.

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    Thrilling and captivating write up that held me fixated trying to decipher what the story was all about. Really intriguing with mild suspense.

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