When you ask me if I have a minute
I don’t tell you that all minutes are too slippery to hold,
I say sure, no problem, have twenty, an hour,
say I can’t think of any life purpose more fulfilling than giving you my

Have the quickstep, swinging, jiving ones
that race the music, that outpace the beat,
their feet spinning them through their sixties like life ends
when the dancing does

Have the decade seconds of my melancholy, grief,
that stretch out my tattered heart,
that pull the pearl strings of my dreams
Stretch them further if my limbo is of use to you

Have the measured calmness of my gentle peace
and meet me in its steady rhythm
Have me find you in a heartbeat, ear to chest,
in in-breath, in out-breath, in the quiet tick-tock clock

of our two bodies
stilled to almost timelessness

Nicola Currie
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