My Moon

When I was just a small child
my mother called me down to her
smiled at me and said
Your sister will be born this summer.

I was at once elated
but also
How could it be
that I had never noticed

the sad way the exhaustion caused her
shoulders to droop
the cloudy mornings of peppermint tea,
crackers by the bed

and not the least
the bulging belly
huge now that she mentioned it
too obvious to miss?

And yet I had.
My mother, the moon to my world
This mysterious thing.
I hung my eyes on her as she spun slowly
and although I never glanced away
I never really saw her, either.

That day
the veil was lifted
and there she was
My mother
Rounded, luminous,
and human.
Not a moon at all.

Kara Q. Rea
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