Hope That’s Okay?

It had been a pointless day,
not unpleasant, but overly long.
Last year, had been different.
She’d had them all round: her son,
his wife, Jack and Zac, the twins,
with baby Annabelle. Today,
they’d face-timed, (now living in Idaho).

The children were too excited
to sit still. Her son was hungover,
his wife looked worn out, harassed,
All five in a strange, bare room. They lost
connection after five minutes. Sorry,
he WhatsApped later, we’ll speak more
on New Year’s day. She sipped

her way through a bottle
of indifferent rosé. Napped a little,
stretched out on her empty sofa.
Awaking confused, veiled by dusk,
her doorbell chimed. There they stood,
Surprise! We were waiting to get home .
Got a last minute flight. Hope that’s okay?

Ceinwen E Cariad Haydon
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