Searching for a Sign

Sun – rising above clouds /
splitting darkness – shadows retreat.

A sharp brilliance fills day.

Rain – diamonds sparkle on windblown leaves
as the sun pushes away dark clouds.
Trees- reach for sky with open arms,
caressing sunlight, kissed by warmth.
Spring air – life emerges /

tender green buds unfurl.

Evening – mottled clouds – backlit by setting sun /

dancing patterns on verdant ground.

Lacy fingers of dusk – wrap themselves around the day /
taking her into their velvet arms.
And on a starless night – I stood in darkness /

staring up into black sky – searching for a sign.

Eternity enwombed in the hours of a day.

The culmination of all that was and all that will be,
abides within a single breath.
Ann Christine Tabaka
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