Lori Graham

Lori is a 55-year-old lesbian poet living in Woodbridge, England. Lori received her B.A. in English from the University of North Florida so that she could have an excuse to read literature and write about it while earning a degree. Lori has had the following work published: “Last Month” in Poems on Global Lockdown and CoronaVirus (Poet’s Choice July 2020), “Out” and “Who Was She?” in Other Worldly Women Press, “Change is Coming” in XR-GLobal Creative XRcreative.org and “Salty Memories” in The Adriatic (Upcoming), “Apocalypse Garden” with poems and photos in When Pens Bloom: A Chapbook Collaboration with Plants & Poetry Journal and Poets, and a poem read aloud on the BBC Upload Radio Suffolk.